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Yes Please



It’s Been Fun…

Well, the Large Hadron Collider goes on it roughly 40 minutes or so. (08:30 GMT) Science dudes are looking for a particle called the Higgs boson. This guy is a jerk!!! Basically, this machine could maybe make a Black Hole on Earth. Great.

This potentially means 40 minutes till the end of the world. 40 minutes till the end of my short-lived blogging career. 40 Minutes to get some last-minute bebo stalking in.

It was nice knowing you guys. See y’all on the other side!!!

Here’s the countdown page. ( it doesn’t seem to be working just now – maybe that’s a sign ): )

Here’s a live webcast if you fancy watching the end of the world live.



‘A’ is for Excited!!!


Apple event for next Tuesday, the 9th = New Cool Shit!!!

Looks like that Apple event for the Tuesday, the 9th of this month is on. It’ll be new iPods (they always do iPods for the US Fall Holidays), but hopefully they’ll have a little something special too. (Snow Leopard preview anyone?)

There have already been leaked images of a new taller and rounded iPod nano floating around the net, and also rumors of larger capacity iPod Touch’s.

While Macbook and MacBook Pro updates are also in the pipeline, there have been suggestions that those will not see updates until at least October.

I always gets excited this time of year when Apple hold their music events, as it usually means a refresh or update of the iPod range. There are also rumors that iTunes 8.0 (which will have some major new features, making it worthwhile of an entire ‘point-oh’ name increase) will be unveiled.

❤ Steve Jobs Keynotes!!! ❤

Broked iMac


Today my iMac G5 decided to break down (second time the HD has died) 
Thank fuck i backed up all my work the other day!!!